Beanie Babies blowing minds at auction

It seems that everything is collectable these days but the link below to an article about Beanie Babies being worth a lot of money brings a smile to my face.

My smiley face is not because I still have my beanie baby collection nor because I am rubbing my hands with glee wondering how much they are worth but because I remember when I was a kid my sister, Eryl and I used to go hand in hand to buy our “beanie baby” of the week.

Every weekend the family would go to Chit Chat in Golders Green for breakfast and about 30 yards away was the shop of our dreams that just happened to sell “babies” of every shape, design and colour. With money in hand, Eryl and I would stride off down the road to spend considerable time selecting the “baby” for the week. Having made the all-important decision of which to buy we would then return triumphantly to mum and dad to show off the latest addition to our ever growing family that sat patiently at the end of our beds.

The “someday they will be worth something” comment never really played a part in my mum and dad’s reasoning but in view of this article, I better keep it quiet in case they invoke the “we paid for them” clause.

Urgently read the article and start digging through your beanie baby collection to see if you can “retire from public life”.

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