Jacava London: A quintessentially British brand

As too many of my friends know, one of my hobbies in life is collecting an abundance of nail polish shades. When interning at my previous company, I was fortunate to get involved with JACAVA London, a luxury British nail brand. The brand is quintessentially British with more than 100 colours to choose from. Not to mention, the polish is lovingly made in the UK, so you need not worry where your money is going.

What I love most about JACAVA nail polish is it is 9-Free and natural and therefore free from any harsh and nasty chemicals that can often initiate a reaction to the polish without realising it. Each polish has Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to keep your nails hydrated and nourished for a glossy and healthy look.

I am totally in love with their range of nail polishes and despite priced a little higher than your average Essie or Nails Inc, these distinctly attractive bottles last a lifetime.

My rule of thumb is to generally apply two layers of gloss, with a base coat and top coat to finish. But the beauty of Jacava, is its thickness and no real necessity to apply two coats. And if there’s anything to boast about, it is how fast it dries.

In pictures: Pail Pink Strawberry Cream, Shimmery Red Dance with me, Chocolate Melts
In pictures: Pail Pink Strawberry Cream, Shimmery Red Dance with me, Chocolate Melts

Jacava sent me a real mix of autumnal and into spring shades, including a base and top coat to complete my look. From deep shimmery reds which looks fabulous for all seasons to pale blush pinks and pale mocha; there is really a colour for every occasion. The latter shades are of course more suitable for spring/summer and are uniquely subtle if you don’t want to overpower your OOTD! 

The best part of it all, not only did I enjoy painting my nails as per normal, it stays on for at least a week and a half; chip free!

Individual nail polish bottles start from £15.50: www.jacava.com

Happy New year!

Jacava nail Varnish