Jurlique’s new limited edition Rose hand cream

‘Rich and indulgent, yet easily absorbed’, describes Jurlique’s limited edition Rose hand cream. For anyone who has read my blog before, or if you are new, I am a huge fan of Jurlique, using their products ritually every night before I go to bed. The new Rose hand cream is an updated version of Jurlique’s hand cream, one of their most iconic skin care products, featuring the Rosa gallica flower extract, which is taken exclusively from Jurlique’s home-grown farm in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. What I love so much about their products is its natural and organic ingredients which are unique and vintage to its origin. Jurlique is the number one premium natural skin care brand in Australia and are now leaders in the natural world of beauty for more than 30 years. 

What makes Jurlique different to other brands, is their passion to create the purest of skincare products – when the roses reach their peak, the staff will gently pick them by hand and then source the concentrated extracts at the farm, before they even reach UK soil. The limited edition Rose Hand Cream has been designed and sourced to celebrate the extraordinary beauty, timeless elegance and scent of the 1,800 Rose gallica bushes located at the farm. The rose bushes yield petals of all shades and hues – pink, red and a soft mellow yellow – and what’s more, because no harvest on the farm is the same due to climate conditions, the roses each year are exclusive to their skincare range. 

David Scown, the Quality Director for Jurlique’s products has commented that ‘Our Rose extract is unique to this hand cream, as we can only extract small amounts of it. That’s why this is a limited edition – we simply can’t make more’. 

The 2017 Rose hand cream will deeply moisturise your hands, no matter how dry or cracked they are. The purpose of the hand cream is to restore smoothness and moisture, without needing too much cream. It is the natural rose fragrance that has lent itself to become one of Jurlique’s best selling skincare ingredients used, which hydrates your hands, leaving them soft and heavenly scented. Ulrike Klein, the Co-Founder of Jurlique further elaborates: ‘Roses connect you to nature – to beauty within. They are the queen of plants when it comes to skin care’. 

If you are eager to get your hands (quite literally), on this stunning limited edition version of Jurlique’s best selling rose hand cream, then get yourself signed up to their waiting list, which will ensure you are first in line to order the new Rose Hand Cream 2017.

The waiting list can be found here: http://bit.ly/2p9SyCV