New Year Fashion Fix

Let’s face it, January has left our bank accounts relatively dry. Christmas has been and gone and though it seems like a lifetime ago, Boxing Day sales have continued. Over the past couple of years, my sister, mum and I have bizarrely opted to go to Oxford Street, London for the Boxing Day sales. Many of you may call us mad, but I can only add that it is an achievement to be added to my fashion CV.

Every year, I, like millions of women eye up some of our favourite and well-deserved items of purchase that we so eagerly await to be placed in the sales. I love a good bargain and I’m not afraid to say it, nor show it. My favourite high street retailer is Zara for all my needs; accessories, shoes, clothes and of course their endearingly warm and snug coats; no matter the season.

Some would say ‘why not enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home’. But every year, I find myself purchasing items online that do not fit or do not look like they do in store. All hesitation aside, the only online retailer I ever seem to buy from is Asos; and a true supporter I am. With sales continuing throughout January, there are a number of discounts to be aware of. Despite being elbow punched and feeling like a sardine both in and out of the shops in London, I love seeing what I am purchasing. No impulse purchases – but only what I truly love and can afford (not to mention what I can carry with two hands!)

So 2016 has begun and with a number of purchases under my belt, here are some of my most-loved purchases from the Christmas sales for my New Year fashion fix. Mix and match like I have done and you’ll be sure to recycle your sale items in ways you couldn’t imagine.

And the best part…

You can start the New year with this years most sought after sartorial trends!

Pale pink bobble hat – Topshop
Black Gilet – Monsoon
Jacquard textured top – Zara
Lace up heels – Zara
Black and white faux fur coat – Topshop