OGX: My miracle haircare product

Dreary, cold, dark days are upon us (and by that I mean the weather of course) and taking care of your hair is an even more difficult task, if it wasn’t one already. Often enough, I find myself trawling through the aisles of my local Superdrug and Boots for the latest and most popular hair-care brands from the likes of Loreal, Treseme and Charles Worthington. Yet, only a few months ago, I came across OGX; a brand new hair-care brand like no other. With thick and darker than dark hair, finding an affordable brand that is non-stripping, hydrating and moisturising all in one bottle is a lengthy task.

OGX Coconut Water range: includes shampoo, conditioner and hair oil
OGX Coconut Water range: includes shampoo, conditioner and hair oil

OGX is an absolutely fantastic brand that has everything you could want. Drench in hydrating ingredients, it is kind to your hair and leaves your hair smelling as sweet as it looks. The OGX Coconut Water range is infused with coconut water, oil and electrolytes; a natural and hassle-free formula. OGX has a number of ranges to suit your particular hair type and having already tried the Moroccan oil range, the water range was next on the list.

So you may well be asking what these wondrous bottles contain and what they can do for sure. OGX is there to boost the confidence of any girl who wears it. It ‘helps give your hair an extra touch of smooth and a splash of hydration. It’s time to shine.’ The bottles are beautifully rounded and colour coded according to the particular range you are looking for. Priced at £7.99 a bottle, the Coconut Water range has a number of formulas needed to keep your hair looking glamorous. You can choose from shampoo, conditioner and a hair serum for slightly damp hair.

I am guilty like many other girls, in that I don’t visit the hairdressers on a 8 week period, like I am told to. Okay, so my fault entirely, but I love nothing more than looking after my hair with little expense to pay. Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of expensive products that keep my hair in tip-top shape, but OGX provides me with everything and more from what I need for a well-rounded product for my hair.

Here are some DIY methods for sleek and goddess quality hair:

When using OGX, I would recommend using your own shampoo and conditioner in addition to truly strengthen your hair for a smooth finish

When using OGX shampoo and conditioner, you only need a small amount (the size if a 50p coin) – it truly does go a long way

When using the conditioner, make sure you concentrate on the ends, rather the roots as if you spread it across the entirety of your hair, you make it more prone to become greasy. 

I would recommend leaving it in for 2-3 minutes to benefit from the treatment and its full potential!

Finally, finish with the coconut water serum and again you only need no more than the size of a 5p coin – spread across the under layer of your roots and brush through to your ends.

Try not to blow dry your hair for 5-10 minutes after