Style up with Shoelicks

Christian Louboutins are known for its iconic ‘red sole’ and can be recognised by any shoe lover across the world! With a price tag to pay that may well and truly break the bank balance for us young shoppers, it may be a while before we own a pair of red soles.

So what better way to compromise than to style up with ShoeLicks, Charlotte King’s new brand. Born from Charlotte’s desire to recreate the classically elegant Louboutin, Charlotte appeared on Dragon’s Den with the whacky idea to design your own sole for a far more suitable budget.

shoelicks campaign

The concept is très chic and unique. With no other brand offering the same concept, ShoeLicks is truly an easy way to sass your heels up in no time! Adding glamour at an affordable price, ShoeLicks doesn’t pretend to be a red sole but what it does is instantly add creativity to any look you have.

So what sort of prints can you buy and how much are you expecting to pay?

From minty Tiffany to the art of peacocking and the tutti frutti collection designed by Bristol based illustrated Amber Elise, there is a whole range of patterns and colours on offer that can be used to make any pair of shoes you own ‘POP’ for only £2.99! Each pack comes with simple step by step guide to apply your soles.

ShoeLicks are durable to the weather and available in one size, you do not need to worry about the wrong size sole. The stickers can be easily removed if needed and all you have to do is simply adjust it to your shoes.

The instructions are pretty self explanatory so here it goes:

Without taking the backing off, place just before your heel starts to curve at the top, centre it to the pattern and imprint heavily with your hand on one side

Use sharp scissors to carefully cut along the imprint, holding it to the light, align back on the heel and repeat step 1 for your other shoe

Cut up to 1cm off where the sole meets the ground which stops your ShoeLicks from getting unstuck when you’re walking on uneven ground!

And finally, choose an outfit that will match your new styled heels

Take a look at my review on ShoeLick’s website:!press/c1v00

Style up with ShoeLicks pack
Style up with ShoeLicks pack
Style up with ShoeLicks example
Style up with ShoeLicks example
Style up with ShoeLicks example
Style up with ShoeLicks example