Summer Manicure Glamour with Nails Inc Gel Effect

Our British climate is not exactly on our side when it comes to greeting us with much anticipated and deserved sunshine! But why let it spoil our mood? Summer is coupled with trips to festivals, at home and abroad, pool parties, and holiday’s abroad to European cities or Caribbean shores! Summer is about the only time we can feel confident and comfortable to flaunt our hot pinks, coral oranges and deep sea turqouise nail polishes we steer clear from the rest of the year! Summer brings about an opportunity to experiment and go outside of the box – opt for colours that you wouldn’t necessarily dare to try. Perhaps your collection of deep reds and browns should be buried to the bottom of your draw until winter draws in.

Everyone loves gel polish – but what we don’t enjoy are the price tags attached with treating ourselves to a mani every now and again. Firstly, gel polish is a lot kinder and healthier to your nails than acrylics and can last on average for three weeks; that’s if you have a job that doesn’t require hard labour. However, gel nails come with their pitfalls – you either need a UV lamp at home or a visit to a nail salon. So my favourite new discovery is Nails Inc who have created their cutting edge version of our favourite gel nails with their gel effect polish collection; boasting a stunning Shellac like finish – a fantastic choice for summer in the sun!

The gel polishes contain a high gloss formulation that harnesses plasticiser technology to create that inevitable shine we all pine for. Though their collection of polishes¬†don’t last as long as getting your nails done at a salon, they do last with a base coat and top coat layer, giving it a good gloss of shine.

Here are some of my favourite colours to achieve summer manicure glamour with Nails Inc Gel Effect!