Temperely London goes pirate at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2016 draws to a close today as some of the world’s most famous, extravagant and fashionably minded designers conclude their Autumn/Winter collections for this year’s press.

It never ceases to surprise me, how much effort and detail goes into every catwalk show; from the creative directors that pour their heart and soul into a collection that lasts approximately a few minutes, to the hair stylists, make-up artists, set designers and models themselves. When I was fortunate enough to see Jenny Packham’s bridal catwalk at The Victoria and Albert Museum a few years ago, it was evidently clear that my aspiration and awe for these young and old designers was set to grow.

And once again, Fashion Week turns to our capital and Alice Temperely for Temperely London was one to watch at this year’s fashion week! Get ready to see the most fashionable pirates you will have ever seen. Forget Captain Jack Sparrow, and let me introduce Temperely London’s collection inspired by pirates, mermaids and nymphs for her fall collection. Temperely’s intuitive style is to create clothes that have a real sense of unique detailing and a signature look that reflects contemporary British fashion at its best.

If you are an adored lover of the British designer and her typical feminine style, don’t panic as the collection sported delicately tiered dresses, embroidered and embellished evening gowns, tattoo prints and military-inspired jackets for a boy-ish style. Temperley’s collection was fabulous and in all its glory, setting the stage was a giant pirate ship.

Temperely’s collection was a beautiful mix of warm hues, consisting of midnight and china blue, white and cream; with a dash of ruby red and jet black to add a darker theme.

Alice Temperely describe the woman wearing her fall collection as:

“She’s very elegant and as playful as before, but she’s just a bit naughtier this time,” the designer said. “She sort of tells the story of a very young and fresh mermaid who goes a little bit dark and pirate-like and then comes back as a mermaid in the end.”



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