Zuhair Murad’s 2016 Spring Haute Couture Collection

Romanticism and ethereal gowns was the centrepiece and motif for Zuhair Murad’s 2016 Spring Houte Couture Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week this week.

Since designing the fabulous and breathtaking dress for Sofia Vergara’s wedding, the Lebanese designer has not failed to impress us. Zuhair Murad seems to be one designer that gets it right every time. His sensational and exotic array of colours does not hide beneath the collection’s heavy beading and crystals. Murad’s 2015 collection took the audience through a galaxy of stars, with a mixed collection of midnight and cobalt blues. Embroidery is central to his designs and at his catwalk this week, Murad took an entirely different prospective; an enchanted and exquisite garden, where his collection was inspired by caged undergarments from a historical era.

Zuhair Murad has often been seen to create almost racy and distinctive gowns that have enticed the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Taking it back to the beginning, his new collection featured corset boning and lace, geometric grids, panniers and an outer layer that was glistening from top to bottom, decorated with a unique embellishment of flowers and garden lattices.

The collection was entitled Amour-en-cage (love in cage) and almost mimicked the style of bridal designer Pnina Tornai, who uses sheer panelling for a feminine touch. His collection was very much about transparencies and delicate silk tulles that were customised to perfection. His collection was dominated by powdery pastel hues, which lent itself to its dreamy, yet seductive ideals.

His collection overall attracted a younger audience, with varied length skirts and grand gowns, fit for a queen. The asymmetrical skirts and short tulip shape skirts were customised with a metal belt that emphasised the ‘caging’ and extenuated every female who wears them.

Take a look at why I am besotted with his Zuhair Murad’s 2016 Spring Haute Couture Collection.