Cleanse your skin with Tropic Skincare

It is so easy to ‘invest’ in a number of skincare products which on the label claims it can ‘cure’ every blackhead and excess oil you’ve been trying to get rid of for months. In reality, my skin is like any other girl and as tempting as it is to buy from Boots or Superdrug, my skin does not agree. These skincare products, whether they rid your skin of blemishes or blackheads, contain harsh chemicals and unrecognisable ingredients which can cause a break out and unpleasant rashes. So in a bid to try a brand that would counteract all the bad with the good, I was recommended to try Tropic Skincare.


So first thing to note is how much smoother my face feels and looks all the more clearer. To achieve these results, I trialled the smoothing cleanser – complexion purifier. I have relatively oily skin, and so ingredients like eucalyptus, golden jojoba & avocado are normally a no-go, but Tropic’s smoothing cleanser has proven that my skin needs a slight bit of oil to get rid of some of the excess and keep it clean. The cleanser feels like a cream, and its purpose is to literally melt away your makeup or any impurities on your face.

Personally, I use it as an after-thought to removing my make-up. I tend to use a tea tree oil face wipe, or micellar water to get rid of my day’s make-up. The smoothing cleanser also comes with a natural antibacterial face cloth, which is made from 100% sustainable and organic bamboo fibres. It is super important when cleansing your face to exfoliate and gently massage your skin, which makes your face feel ultra soft – what girl doesn’t want smooth skin.

All you need to do is massage (2-4 pumps) onto your face and neck if you wish. Then damp the bamboo cloth under hot water, and then squeeze it out before applying the bamboo to your face. The heat will open your pores and you really will begin to feel like you have ‘cleansed’. If you do this morning and night, your skincare routine will transform for the better. 


I am so impressed with Tropic Skincare and as a young woman, it’s easy to be lured into the latest trend and product circulating the beauty market. But what’s different about Tropic is its unique ability to transform your skin. I am an avid lover of Jurlique, and what I love about the two brands, is their similarity in where their inspiration came from. Susan Ma, the founder for Tropic Skincare, has a love for natural beauty recipes which stems from her life in Cairns, the tropical north of Queensland in Australia. The botanical life and exotic plants which Susan grew up around is what inspires the products of Tropic. It’s definitely a brand that I want to continue reviewing and building a collection of products for my face and body. Not to mention their brand image and reputation is absolutely beautiful and enticing to the eye – can’t wait to see what’s next! 

Check out Tropic Skincare and find the product that’s right for you!