Create Your Five Piece French Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love to shop – okay, excluding our younger siblings, husbands, partners and grandparents. But other than that, we all love to splash out at the end of the month and purchase the items we have been drooling over when reading that magazine, when waiting at the doctor’s surgery. With winter chills already felt, it’s about time you set in motion, a change to your wardrobe that screams fashionable comfort!

Over the course of the weekend, Brent Cross together with MayNinteen, once again hosted Your5 – where a team of stylists and make-up artists picked out five key items you should have in your wardrobe this season, from the coat, wide leg trouser, skirt, ankle boot and knit.


Why five? 

The team took inspiration from the compelling concept of the five-piece French wardrobe. We all find French women endearing; and not due to their good looks or impeccable taste in men, but for their fashionable attire and their day-to-night look. It’s all about building a wardrobe that can be interchangeable with a number of items of clothing. All you need to do, is start with a beautiful collection of basic, but high-quality items that you don’t mind spending a little bit more on as these items, will most likely become the items of clothing you will find yourself repeatedly wearing. Once you have these items – you’re free to be as fashion forward as you wish and add statement patterns, bold body shapes and a touch of embellishment.

It may sound a little too organsied for the majority of us, but we can surely thank the French for this sophisticated concept. So if you are lacking that oversized coat, or ankle boot that grazes below your wide legged culottes, then take a look at some of the key pieces picked out by the team at Brent Cross!