Eat your vegetarian heart-out at Ethos Foods in London

Being a vegetarian out and about due to religious preferences has its ups and downs. Not only am I a huge foodie, I love nothing more than exploring the back streets of our beautiful capital for unique, niche and independent cuisine restaurants. Yet, I find my options sometimes limited. I am often ‘judged’, not in a rude, nor disrecptful way, but more to the fact ‘how can I not eat meat out’ kind of way. But what people sometimes fail to consider is how much meat we; as a nation eat – and that we do eat too much!

But the first thing that pops to mind when you think of a restaurant that is purely vegetarian is that the food will be bland, unadventurous and little that meets the eye when it comes to menu options. It’s time to embrace an era of ‘clean eating’ and forget all that is commonly assumed with vegetarian restaurants and visit Ethos Foods behind Oxford Circus.

Ethos Foods Interior

Ethos is undeniably elegant, stylish and a hub for vegetarian and meat lovers alike. Ethos is a purely vegetarian, vegan and gluten free, self-service restaurant that is as good for you; if not better than those ‘silly’ detox shakes that freak me out when they turn out green! It is deliciously healthy and has carefully selected dishes from all around the globe. So when you’re feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up for a ‘feel good’ meal, this meat-free restaurant is a tasty retreat! 

Ethos operates by a pay by weight system for Lunch and Dinner, and by the evening Ethos has a fantastic dinning service. The restaurant was founded by Jessica Kruger and her obsession and particular passion for healthy meat-free food that was delectable at the same time. Deciding there was a gap in the market, Ethos was born to present beautifully coloured food that made customers get excited about. 

Ethos foods cold options

I loved Ethos. I ate my heart out. There was an abundant of meals to choose from and my particular favourites was the Japanese Miso aubergine, Thai sweetcorn fritters and the good green salad. Don’t get me wrong, when you see an entire table displayed in front of you with everything you could ever ask for; it can be an expensive treat to indulge in, so be sure to take it easy before you go a little crazy. 

I will most certainly return in the near future to wine and dine (with a little extra cash) and tickle my taste tubs with some of their other exciting food options and their freshly squeezed juices. 

Starters at Ethos Foods
Starters at Ethos Foods

Thank you to the management of Ethos who provided me with a wonderful complimentary glass of wine to enjoy my very first visit!

Ethos is located at: 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX