Go Pink With These Winter Lipstick Shades

There is nothing more irritating than chapped lips, and unless you’re used to warmer climates, with just the right temperature, everyone is experiencing the nuisance of reapplying lipstick or lip balm to our cracked lips every five minutes. I love buying lipsticks, tinted lip balms, lip glass and all sorts of treatment for my lips, but finding the right shade can be tedious, time-consuming and confusing. 

I have particularly dark skin, thanks to my mediterranean roots, so opting for a vampy blood red lipstick is a no-go for me, however much I think it represents timeless elegance. Unfortunately for me, it always looks good on my friends who have a fairer complexion and can complement their deep, darkened outfits with a bright, pop of red.

So red is no no for me, but I love pink – all sorts of pink; from salmon pink, to apricot pink and the new ‘millennial pink’ which is taking the industry by storm – I am obsessed with hunting down the perfectly bold pink shade, which can be worn all throughout the winter. The beauty of pink hues is its ability to transcend through all seasons. Sometimes, certain lipsticks are only plausible for warmer shores, but considering the variety pink can offer, you can go for a perfect rosy nude with pigments of pink for a more subtle day-time look, or you can opt for a peachy pink, which even the pink lipstick haters would absolutely adore! 

Updating your wardrobe is the easy and most exhilarating part of switching seasons – knitwear bought, denim on denim achieved, long knee-high boots purchased and a long faux fur coat invested in. Don’t let updating your beauty draw be any different. There’s so much more to autumn than burnt siena – instead, here are some of my favourite pink lipsticks on the market this winter.