Interior Decor Ideas For Your First Home

Becoming a homeowner in today’s generation is something we all aspire to achieve – no matter the age, no matter the size of the home and no matter how you managed to do it – becoming a homeowner is now more sought after and celebrated, than when our parents first bought their home. But how do you go about deciding the type of interior decor you like for your own home?

I have recently taken that next stage of my life and exchanged on a flat with my boyfriend. Unfortunately buying on your own is no longer an easy feat, and rather it is becoming even more apparent that affordability is only achievable when buying with someone. Ollie and I have bought our very first home and boy is it exciting. It is a stressful process and despite having a new-build, there is still so much to consider. You’re literally fighting against a ticking clock for a completion date and ordering your furniture is difficult to do when you haven’t seen your flat and measured the walls – I have never cared more to see 4 walls than ever before!

There is so much to think about and list, and it can be overwhelming when thinking about where the walls meet at every corner, how far your coffee table should sit between your sofa and television and what your walls are made of before drilling into them. But for interior designer connoisseurs, the most important consideration of them all – is the colour scheme! Your colour scheme is your best friend and your arch enemy at different stages of your house buying process. And more often than not, the money tree you always dreamed of at the back of your garden is still far from reality. Kitting out your first home is super exciting and you can get easily carried away, thinking a box of four tumblers at £15 isn’t expensive – but with the list almost as long as Santa’s, money is a tight squeeze. 

So as a first time buyer, looking around the shops can be a dangerous minefield, but it’s become one of my favourite hobbies to do over the weekend – luckily for me, Ollie loves shopping for the home, so it’s never a painful excursion for him or ME. So I wanted to help every fellow first time buyer out with ideas of chic, yet modern and elegant interior decor pieces to up the sophistication and elegance of you new home but on a reasonable budget. Remember, moving into your first home is the most thrilling and daunting time of your life, but the beauty of it – it’s a place you can call home. You can design your home however you want, and your budget is an investment for life, so think carefully how much you choose to spend. 

I have become somewhat addicted to Debenhams and Homesense over the last few months, stocking up on products for the kitchen, bathroom and furnishings. So I have included a few examples of products you can shop for NOW on the high street. And if you’re moving in over the next few months, Good luck!

Notes – products with a link are available to buy now! Everything else is yet to arrive in store, but here’s your first look. 

From Left to right: 

Star by Julian Macdonald cushion – Debenhams 
Blue fringed peacock cushion – Dunelm 
Biba palm cushion – House of Fraser

From left to right:

Herringbone throw – Very 
Pom Pom grey throw – Dunelm 
Printed Knit throw – Very

From left to right:

Jones Darwin clock – Wilko
Manhattan wall clock – Marks and Spencer
Heart of House Foxdale wall clock – Argos

From left to right:

Crystal glass table lamp – Debenhams 
Ellie table light – Debenhams 

From left to right:

Clara Vase – Marks and Spencer
Grey marble soap dispenser – Sainsbury’s