Jurlique has Opened its First Store in London’s Oxford Street

Australia’s number one beauty brand, Jurlique has opened its very first UK store in the heart of London; the bustling Oxford Street. The store has been designed by Akin Design Studio and it has an elegant and mesmerising warmth as you walk through its doors, near to Marble Arch Station. Positioned, ironically next to some of London’s more sophisticated stores such as Swarovski, the store has become Jurlique’s European headquarters, as they hope to expand in the future. 

Jurlique’s first store has an earthy and botanical theme linked to its heritage from Down Under. All of Jurlique’s products are sourced directly from the ingredients grown and cultivated in Jurlique’s farm in Australia. There is strong sense of warmth and love associated with every product; not to mention the smells that linger from using the brand last like no other beauty brand I have ever tried. I am always careful to select beauty products for my face that make me feel like I have cleansed, whilst not many serve that purpose. Where you may spend £10-15 on a facial product elsewhere that runs out within a couple of months, Jurlique’s somewhat ‘pricier’ products are definitely an investment worth having. Their products are so efficient, you only need a couple of drops when applying morning and or night. There is no artificial colouring added and every ingredient used is organic and natural. 


The store is beautifully arranged, with every product and collection in a place of its own. There is no need to rummage around for products that are advertised, but not on display and the staff are excellent – every experience at the store is an experience in its own right. There is truly a product for everyone’s skin type at Jurlique and I came home with some fabulous products to try, including their highly innovative and reputable Herbal Recovery range. 

What is more – the store has an absolutely stunning treatment room, situated at the back of the room, where they offer a whole range of treatments, as well as gift packages for mums-to-be, making it a really lovely present to enjoy before the little one arrives. 

I cannot fault the way the store has been designed and I am totally converted to the ways of Jurlique. Now it’s your turn! 

The new store can be found:

Jurlique Store
489 Oxford Street
London W1C 2AU