MAC Makeup’s Hottest Celebrity Collaborations

Every year, top designer beauty brands are eager to announce their latest collaborations that the press go utterly crazy for. These days, there is a constant stream of beauty collaborations with celebrities, new film releases and designer brands that take shape every year. But what is it exactly that lures us in?

For me, MAC is my calling and I would go as far as saying I am a MAC addict!

It would be a lie if I said, I was unique in choosing MAC as my go-to, day-to-night brand, but the truth of the matter is – MAC is just wonderfully awesome! My sister and I, own the basic range of make-up which includes foundations, studio fix, cheek cream colours and their fabulous retro, chic and modern lipsticks, but when MAC announce their yearly collaborations, my beauty bag seems to expand in the blink of an eye.

Whilst it is a tough process to round-up my favourite beauty products, it hasn’t been as hard of a task to condense some of MAC’s highly received limited editions over the years.

Here are MAC makeup’s hottest collaborations!


MAC’s collection inspired by Disney’s Maleficent was a hotly anticipated collection which was wickedly sensational! The collection included blood-red glossy shades and highlighters to mirror the artistic make-up Angelina Jolie’s sported throughout the film. Rick Baker, who worked on the special effects for the film commented: ‘Everyone is familiar with the look of the original Maleficent cartoon character.’ Beauty bloggers and fanatics ensured it was almost impossible to buy this bad boy collection. And of course the stand-out product was True Love’s Kiss – a bold, highly-pigmented red lipstick; still difficult to get your hands on (unless your trawl through Ebay).



Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, the world’s most famous pop, pony-tailed princess has been added to the collection of celebrity collaborations for MAC. The talented musician launched her collection earlier this year and typically chose matching lipstick and lipgloss hues and of course opted for her signature colour of dark plum, with a sugary pale-pink gloss to go over the top. Ariana’s motto is to ‘let the bad girl out in you’! 100% of her proceeds from the collection go to the MAC AIDS fund; funded in 1994. The fund has so far raised more than £250million with the Viva Glam campaigns. 



Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics


Rihanna is no stranger to MAC and her second collaboration hit the stores in 2014. Entitled Viva Glam, the dynamic beauty launched a lipstick in warm mauve with silver frost and a lipgloss in cool mauve with red frost. With sumptuous lipsticks on offer, the collection also included neutral shadows and two sets of lashes that were a perfect combination for a subtle daytime look. Fantastically, all profits that were made from Rihanna’s collaboration was donated to charities which helped women and children affected by HIV and Aids.



Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics

Alexander McQueen

The late fashion designer collaborated with MAC back in 2007 and the collection has yet to disappear from our minds. Our make-up bags still boast some of his brightly coloured eye shadows in shades of Pagan, Haunting and Nile. To mix things up, his creamy eye shadows came in three different shades – Pharaoh, Otherworldly and Electro Sky. To finish the look, Masque and Archetype were the names of McQueen’s lipsticks. The collection was all about dark bushy eyebrows, pale lips and cat eyes that popped with colour!



Photo credit: above – MAC Cosmetics, below –

Charlotte Olympia is up next for a MAC collaboration due to launch in spring 2016. 

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Charlotte Olympia, she is a luxury shoe designer that let’s say a little bit obsessed with the bygone era of old Hollywood and knows a thing or two when incorporating a little humour into her designs. No doubt there will be an obscene amount of retro-glam in her upcoming collection with MAC. In an interview, Olympia has commented: ‘The inspiration for the collection comes from my love of a bygone era that manifests itself in my day-to-day beauty look as well as featuring my design aesthetic’. For all your red lipstick lovers, have your eyes peeled for MAC’s latest adventure. 

Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics