Monu Refining Capri Facial Oil – The Answer To My Skincare Woes!

My dictionary for skincare products and brands seems to be expanding by the minute, and even then, I have only dipped my toes into the beauty world! I love a good skincare regime; taking pride in replenishing and re-hydrating my skin is a particular hobby, not to mention a necessity when you’re born with oily skin.

I have just about found a reliable night cream, but to use it every night isn’t advisable and even then, I find my skin not as silky, smooth as I had hoped for when waking up fresh the next morning. I had come across Monu Skincare via a blogger, and it was the answer to my skincare woes! 

All I can say, is this refining facial oil is the Holy Grail and miracle product which has joined the ranks of my most-loved skincare products!! It is fabulous!


The Monu refining Capri facial oil is made up of a fabulous array of zesty citrus oils which are there to fight off unwarranted bacteria. It also contains Camphor, which is there to cleanse and refine your pores, whilst using a paraben-free formula, with grape seed oil which tightens your skin, with a result worth fighting for – flawless and impeccable completion! It also contains hazelnut oil, which is an easily absorbed oil that is light and well-nourishing. The lemon essential oil is there to brighten up your skin, whilst controlling oiliness. They say beauty is no pain, no game – but with this fabulous facial oil, there is no battle to be faced and truly leaves you feeling more youthful than ever before; revitalising your skin without de-hydrating it. Often enough, skincare products can dry out your skin, so despite not wishing to use oil based products, the irony lies in the fact you need a little oil, especially at night to replenish your skin and get rid of any dead cells which you shed throughout the night. The Capri refining facial oil is perfect for all skin types, but in particular, it’s miraculous for those who have oily skin and therefore prone to spots and blemishes. So when you wake up in the morning, your breakouts will remain an element of your past.


I tend to use the oil at least twice a week – and in particular straight after having a shower, as the hot water opens up your pores, and a really good time for your skin to react to the formula. All you need to do, is apply one to two pumps to the palm of your hands, and gently massage in upward movements all over your face. Don’t be afraid by the initial oily sensation, as it’s not excess oil. Instead, the oil is there to breath new life into the pores of your skin and leave it feeling polished and super soft.

I can’t fault the facial oil so far and Monu seems to be the answer to my skincare woes! 

The Monu Refining Capri Facial oil is priced at £29.95