Embrace natural hand creams with Crabtree & Evelyn

As a beauty blogger, I often get asked how much I use the products I trial, and whether it ends with the final published review. The answer is no. Unlike some bloggers or beauty influencers, I only like to collaborate with the brands I feel passionately for, and the brands that I know will help improve my skin, keeping it hydrated, smooth and spot free, and the brands that help keep my hair feeling bouncy and voluminous with plenty of shine for longer. 

I do find it hard buying skincare products as I can be quite sensitive to the every day products you can source at your local supermarket or pharmacy. Rather, I go to the likes of OGX, Monu, Balance Me and Jurlique to assist me with every beauty need I have through  all the seasons. For my hands, I love using Jurlique’s summer limited edition rose hand cream, and so I wanted to explore other dynamic and natural brands that activate the same response as my love for Jurlique.

Crabtree & Evelyn was founded 40 years ago by Cyrus Harvey and has been around since 1972. It started as a small family-run business that sought to specialise in fine soaps. Though their mission didn’t stop there, as they have since grown into a reputable brand, with more than 500 stores worldwide. I have always been a huge fan of their hand creams, having received product samples a few years ago after attending a fair. Their products are genuinely created with love, embracing the natural world, using extracts of fruit, plants and flowers as the base notes for their products. 

I was gifted with ‘la source’, the goatmilk hand therapy and the pomegranate argan and grapeseed hand therapy creams. I always find myself needing so many hand creams – one for each of my bags, otherwise my hands really do suffer from dryness. The goatmilk hand therapy is specifically designed for anyone suffering from dry, chapped skin. This hand cream is a really good way of nourishing your skin quickly and soothing and restoring your hands which have been overexposed to the heatwave we’re all experiencing. The hand cream is made with goatmilk which is exclusive to Crabtree & Evelyn, as well as Oat Kernel, Bisabolol, Allantoin and Vitamin E. Using these ingredients as to formulate the basic cream, there is also macadamia nut oil, shea butter and myrrh – all ingredients leave your hands feeling delicate and soft. The good thing about all their hand creams is you can use it as often as you want, and the primary reason for its use won’t be redundant. Also I am using the 100g tube, so this has become my stay-at-home hand cream. 





















The next two flavours of hand creams was ‘la source’ and ‘pomegranate’, which came in a beautiful circular tin. The pomegranate hand cream is award winning for the brand and never seeks to impress its user. It smells absolutely divine – it has essence of pomegranate (obviously), burst of citrus fruit and fresh fig leaf – the perfect summer combination. It is an intensive hand cream that fits perfectly in your handbag or clutch bag for the evening, for easy treatment on the go. The cream has been blended with shea butter, pomegranate, macadamia nut, grapeseed and argan oils, which help soothe hands and moisturise. The cream is particularly good for your cuticles on your nails. ‘La source’, has a beautifully crisp, clean scent, with musky and acquatic notes, leaving your hands feeling ocean-enriched. It has been created using a blend of anti-oxidant rich green seaweed extract. The hydrating power of the hyalurionic acid and ceramides are the cure for improving your skin’s natural moisture barriet – just what we need during the heat. 

I have already managed to finish ‘la source’, and I am moving onto the goatmilk hand therapy for home use, and the pomegranate hand cream is coming with me on holiday. If you have any suggestions for new hand creams that are a must-have beauty item, let me know!