OGX: Bamboo and Keratin Product Review

My hair seems to change with the seasons – one minute it’s frizz-free, the next it needs complete control and TLC. I have reviewed and blogged before for OGX, and I do so, because I have real love for the brand, as it continues to  take over my beauty shelf.

If you’re new to the world of OGX, and need a little taster of what differenates their products to the likes of Loreal and Aussie, then you need to understand that they use exotic ingredients that instead of making you look ‘perfect’, their products focus on making your hair look and feel fuller, smoother, bouncier, curlier and as straight locked as you want. 

Once again, I received a beautiful package, packed full of OGX treats – bamboo fibre full and the anti-breakage keratin oil range. The bamboo fibre full collection, includes a shampoo, conditioner and thickening root booster. The entire range helps you discover how voluptuous and full your hair can be, with a blend of bamboo fibres and soy proteins.

The way the bamboo fibres work is by attaching itself to individual hair strands, which causes friction between the strands to create that ‘fuller’ vibe. OGX is the first brand to use the fibre from the bamboo plant, rather than the extract, where the soy proteins increase the elasticity, preventing breakage, as well as leaving you with fresh and natural note to your hair. 

The anti-breakdage collection, also includes a shampoo and conditioner which is designed to really help strengthen and repair any damaged strands of hair you may have. A lot of women tend to notice a lack of vibrance and fuller hair after they have had children, and some women experience thinner hair when stressed. This range is created with keratin proteins, which helps with the porosity of your hair, and contains argan oil which is highly beneficial for the scalp. Once you have used the shampoo, apply a generous amount of conditioner, working thoroughly through the ends, leaving the conditioner in for three to five minutes.

I have tried to keep my hair wash days down to a minimum, and by doing so my hair seems to last so much longer when using a combination of OGX products. So far, I have tried the coconut curls, coconut oil, coconut water, bamboo fibre full and keratin anti-breakage, and every single one I try, my hair seems to stay in shape, looking healthier; without a price tag. No matter the product I use, my hair when straightened, blow dried or curled stays sleeker, without having to brush it through a number of times.

So why not visit your local Boots or Superdrug to find the product that suits your hair best. Just look for the designer bottle – for less!