Percy & Founders: Fine Dining for Less

At work, I seem to be known as a ‘serial bruncher’, and to be honest, my nickname has been given to me with good reason. I love brunch. I love finding cubby hole restaurants that are tucked away in London’s West End and feasting on their menu, sampling their most delightful dishes.

Next on the list was Percy & Founders, the first by Open House, the new sister company to Cubitt House and is an all-day, everyday Fitzrovia restaurant and bar that specialises in British-focused dishes that are delectably traditional. Contrary to all the numerous blog reviews I have read, I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating, friendly and above all the scrumptious the food was.

As everyone will know, I am slowly, but surely ticking off a number of restaurants that are most famous for their option of brunch, and Percy & Founders was next on my list, with the company of a dear friend (who is regularly becoming my Brunch partner).

Percy & Founders, opened in March 2015, and can be found in Fitzrovia Pearson Square, a short walk from Charlotte Street, also famous for restaurants such as The Ninth which was beautiful. Hugh Percy alongside London based philanthropists founded the Middlesex Hospital in 1757 and Percy & Founders now sits on the original site; symbolic of its inherent founders. The restaurant is part of a chain of fine public houses – we happened to see Sinita dining with friends that day. The Executive Chef Diego Cardoso has a wealth of experience, as former head chef at Angela Hartnett’s Murano restaurant in the heart of Mayfair.


Unlike other restaurants I have visited for brunch, Percy & Founders has a fantastic concept: ‘Experience the evolution of the public house’. It does exactly that – a gussied up country gastropub that is decorated with rustic furniture, tweed shades of countryside uniform and oak coloured tables and chairs. I loved the interior décor and it was extremely spacious to enjoy a quiet brunch; (makes a change for other restaurants I have been to when you’re sitting on top of each other).


Brunch was served – we both opted for a pear, blackberry and apple fresh juice. It was no ordinary juice – it was separated into three parts, one for each fruit and when you mixed it, it once again separated. For our main dishes, I chose the crushed avocado on toast with scrambled eggs and cherry roasted tomatoes.


My friend decided to have the toasted bagel, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.


Once again, I had nothing to complain about – the meal size was larger than other places I have been to and it was truly yummy. We were also pleasantly surprised how ‘not’ expensive the brunch was. Altogether for a coffee, juice and main meal, we paid £23 each which was rather reasonable.

So if in doubt, visit Percy & Founders, because I would love to go back and experience their dinner menu.

Percy & Founders, 1 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF