Reviewing BUTTER LONDON Nail Varnish

I would happily call myself a nail varnish connoisseur; for the reason, I am pretty obsessed with nail varnish and painting my nails, and above all experimenting with new brands on the market. Summer is definitely an exciting and ‘out of the box’ season, where you are free to try all different shades, hues and glitter polishes that just screams fun, without being judged for being too ‘out there’!

So to formally kick off the summer season, I was fortunate to be reviewing BUTTER LONDON nail varnish; a quintessentially British brand, founded by Sasha Muir in 2005. Butter London has quickly become my go-to nail polish brand, now one of the world’s famous nail polish manicurists for their unprecedented wow factor! Their motto is ‘we believe in Rock and Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. Long live colour’, and the idea behind the brand is to be inspired by the trends of fashion week and all its glamour. Butter London is instantly colour lifting, with long-lasting polishes designed to be colour rich and simple to apply. Their colours are unique and sparkling with creativity, and eye-grabbing to say the least.

So in my fantastic package of goodies, I was provided a whole range of nail polishes; from wintery hues to bold neon shades and pastel tones! One of my favourite boxes was the Butter London Lost in Leisure 4 piece lacquer set! Included was a pastel peach colour that had a subtle shimmer when under the sun, turquoise and electric blue for glamourising your day-to-night outfit and a beautiful Barbie Pink for those romantic walks on the beach. What I love most about Butter London, is the thickness, yet it isn’t gloopy like cheap and old nail polish that has been left in your storage box for a number of years. Some brands I have come across are too thick for application and not smooth enough to distribute evenly across your nails. When I first tried Butter London, I was really surprised by how easy it was to apply – you only need one coat, yet, I love applying two coats for that glossy, gel-effect look. I used the sheer wisdom nail tinted moisturiser which was a shimmery orange to begin with, and it stayed on perfectly for almost a week and a half! Normally, I get bored after a week of one colour, but having had so many compliments, it was there to stay.




In order for the lacquer to last, I applied the Quick Fix Moisturising Cuticle Balm which is a powerful cream that enriches my cuticles, preventing ageing and drying, while the phospholipids help maintain skin moisture levels. It can be easy to neglect your cuticles when applying nail varnish, but when keeping your mani in tip top shape, you should be paying close attention for a long-lasting healthy look.


After care

I was also offered the chance to review their dry conditioning drops; something I had never come across in my dictionary of lacquer. The conditioning nail drops is there to protect your nails from smudges and nicks that can generally occur once you have applied a fresh coat of polish. The drops contain a dry oil serum that protects your gloss, whilst the Rose Hip Seed Oil conditions and softens the cuticles. I didn’t think I would notice a difference when applying the drops, but with an accelerated drying time, it may well have been the drops that ensured my manicure stayed intact for as long as it did! All you need to do, is dispense 1-2 drops in the centre of your nail and allow it to evaporate!


Removing your polish

In a generation of excitement for glitter nails, there is nothing more frustrating than removing it. Often glitter polish can leave your nails chipped and weak due to the pressure of attempting to remove it. So Butter London saved the day with their glitter wipes – a revolutionary product for scrubbers. If you’re glitter obsessed like I am during the festive months, then this dual-textured wipe will help remove even the most stubborn of glitter polish you may have. Not only will it remover the glitter, it hydrates and nourishes your nails at the same times. The wipe has two sides – one which is textured to remove the glitter, and the other is soft to wipe away excess particles.

Butter London has definitely earned its place in my top favourite brands for nail lacquer – I can’t fault their products, and though slightly pricier than your average Barry M, their collection is well worth the price, keeping your nails looking regal, healthy and shimmering all summer long!