Support UK Coffee Week 2016

Whilst reading this blog post, you will no doubt have a cup of coffee in one hand and your mouse in the other, scrolling through last night’s social media newsfeed. You may be wondering why the population of Britain have gone an extra mile to be that little bit more coffee crazy!

Despite ordering your latte, cappuccino or double espresso on a daily basis and not thinking twice about where your money and more importantly your coffee is farmed, UK Coffee Week exists for that very reason.

We’re all a little guilty when we’re needlessly reminded to be charitable once in a while. But the founders of UK Coffee Week have taken the initiative to give back to the communities who grow our coffee; for our morning fix. It is a nationwide fundraising scheme where barista’s, trade professionals and customers join collectively to celebrate and raise money for the all important coffee farms around the world, whilst paying tribute to British culture.

So you may be asking yourself why us, here in Britain?

Well here are some hard facts about our British coffee drinking society?

More than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year
£730 million is the estimated spend on coffee in one year alone
Britain consumed 500g of coffee per person, per year
42 coffee beans are needed to make an espresso
57% of coffee is drunk at breakfast, 34% between meals and 13% with meals.
25% vote Latte as the ‘best’ coffee to have with a good conversation, followed by cappuccino at 23%
61% of British culture would choose a cup of coffee over the quintessentially British stereotype of tea
39% consider coffee as a ‘wake up’ solution
23% prefer drinking coffee due to the UK’s vibrant coffee culture


Photo credit: UK Coffee Week logo

All funds raised by UK Coffee Week, which lasts until 17 April go entirely to Project Waterfall; a charity established to ensure coffee growing communities have clean water and sanitation. UK Coffee Week was set up with a mission to create a ‘united platform’, where we can group together and take a week out of our busy mundane schedules to understand and ensure the workers of these communities receive the bare necessities as a right and not a privilege.

So check out their website, social media and blog page for more information as to how you can donate and why not tweet them or Instagram your coffee of the week tagging: 

@UKCoffeeWeek on Twitter
@ukcoffeeweek on Instagram

Final thought…

Stephen Fry, has commented on his role during UK Coffee Week:

‘You can’t make coffee without fresh water – but more importantly we can’t live healthy lives without fresh water either. It is our most precious resource, so I am very proud to be a part of any initiative which extols the virtues of coffee with friends while helping provide fresh water for those who most need it’.

Here is my coffee round-up of 2016 so far: