The Best London Brunch Spots 2017

Praise the lord – there is finally an avocado emoji to compliment our never-ending brunch dates; and much to my excitement, my brunch dates are only getting better and better; and of course much of it is owed to my fabulous companion. 

So since my last brunch, I decided to hit the streets of London and head to one of the capital’s coveted Australian brunch diners –  Daisy Green. Situated behind Marble Arch station, the cafe is a converted house offering fresh and tasty Australian brunch. The last time I had a really good Australian brunch was at The Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill. The interior was bright and quirky and inviting to the eye, with the upstairs bar area offering customers an opportunity to pick out their pastry treat and grab a coffee on the go. 

This time, Charlie and I went for the same dish as it just looked so appetising – the organic cold fermented activated charcoal sourdough with avocado, labne, lime and lemon dukkah, scrambled eggs and homemade chilli pesto. It’s not hard to please me when it comes down to food, however, when I do brunch, the first thing I consider is ‘was my meal worth it?’. I have been to a lot of brunch places, where they are self-proclaimed experts at the midday meal, yet I leave their restaurant feeling rather hungry.

Daisy Green was the complete opposite. For dessert, as a matter of tradition, we ordered the ‘famous banana bread sandwich’. And there was truly a delicious truth about this famous dessert. The dish consisted of two slices of banana bread, loaded with mascarpone, fresh berries and drizzled with honey and flaked almonds. HEAVEN. If Daisy Green is worth a visit for anything but its brunch, it would be the banana bread. 

Daisy Green, 20 Seymour Street, London, W1H 7HX

And to wet your appetite that little bit more, last week I visited Chriskitch in Muswell Hill. Tucked away behind the main high street, is this beautifully presented converted home that now houses a bistro cafe and brunch spot for North West Londoners. Muswell Hill has definitely become an area I have started exploring more and ticks the boxes for some of the best places to go for artisan coffee.

Chriskitch was set up by a husband and wife team and invites customers to enjoy an extremely intimate and quiet brunch hotspot. At the entrance of the restaurant, is a wooden bar adorned with freshly baked goods; from cakes to pastries to mountainous salads that never seen to reduce in size.

I was told about Chriskitch by a number of friends and recommended to try their vegetarian breakfast, which consisted of tomatoes on the vine, houmous, yoghurt, avocado, halloumi, eggs and homemade mixed beans. Charlie went for the buckwheat pancakes, fresh berries and maple syrup. The food was really delicious and as fresh as it could possibly come. When dining at Chriskitch, you do get that sense of home cooked food and a family business that thrives on a marrying of flavours. 

Chriskitch, 7 Tetherdown, London N10 1ND,