The Bloggers Hangout: Showcasing new brands

People often ask me how I manage to work an entire day at the office and come home to blog a couple of times a week and collaborate with brands to excel my demographics. Well, like many, there are certainly not enough hours in the day, however hard I try. But what keeps me going is the opportunity to showcase my writing, relationships with fashion, beauty and food brands as well as my relationship with my fellow bloggers.

I try to attend as many blogging events as possible, and The Bloggers Hangout was no exception to the rule. I have never been before, so to my excitement I applied, along with my friend who is also a blogger and we were accepted to attend (Score!). The Bloggers Hangout organise free events for myself and fellow bloggers and to meet and greet other bloggers as well as the brands at the event.

Yesterday’s event was hosted at the Pop Up Patio in Finsbury Square; and what a beautiful area it is. The event was themed as a Mad Hatter ‘tea party’ and each food/drink brand had a foodie station to boast their latest additions to the market. Not to mention, no blogging event is without its freebies; and boy did I do well. From sipping Modo cold pressed matcha juice to Mead, my head was exploding with unique and simple brands wishing to break the market.

The Bloggers Hangout Tea Party

Here were some of my favourite brands of the evening:


Matcha has lent its name to the growing trend of detox juices. Modo create fresh and 100% matcha products that are delicious to drink and easy to take around wherever you go. Modo has two fantastic flavours on offer; lemon matcha green tea and pineapple matcha green tea. I tried both flavours and can safely say they are all-natural and as healthy as they come; quenching your thirst immediately and almost wanting more. So before you judge the colour of your drink, find out more about Modo drinks here.

Pics Peanut Butter

All who know me, will know I can eat (though I resist) an entire tub of Nutella on a spoon if I wanted to. Peanut Butter is no different. But unlike Nutella, I find it hard to find a brand I can fall in love with. I have recently got into dipping cut pieces of apple into crunchy organic peanut butter, so when I was introduced to Pics Peanut Butter, I was blown away. Pics is Australian’s best peanut butter and is made using the best nuts available, making it entirely delicious and creamy and packed full of goodness.

Pics Peanut Butter
Pics Peanut Butter

Just Bee

We have all grown accustomed to the rising trend of spring water, yet when I tried Just Bee’s blueberry, lemon and a hint of honey, I had never had something as refreshing, natural and flavoursome as Just Bee. So you may be asking what separates Just Bee to the likes of Vitamin Water? It is the UK’s first brand to add a drop of honey to its supernatural hydration method. Not to mention, the story behind the brand is fabulous – Co-Founder Joe Harper is part of a third generation of beekeepers and his dad and grandad are beekeepers: ‘Bees don’t just provide us with honey, they affect up to 80% of the worlds food supply.’ In addition to the blueberry flavour, there is also apple, ginger and a hint of honey as well as lemon, green tea and a hint of honey. Each drink has only 50 calories and uses the natural sweetness of the the honey rather than refined sugar and sweetener. So with Summer fast approaching, Just Bee will be on my list of exciting drinks to add to my fridge.

Just Bee drinks
Just Bee drinks


Healthy eating is a no brainer and having recently visited South Africa, I have become a little bit more obsessed with dry fruit than before. I have always eaten naturally dried fruit, free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, but Snact provides a tasty and unique approach to enjoying fruit. Mountains of nutritious fruit is thrown away for being the wrong shape, size or sweetness, so Snact is there to rescue as such this fruit to create fruit jerky. It is made from 100% fruit and is vegan, gluten free and is made in the UK. Snact is available in apple and raspberry and apple and mango.

Snact Fruit Jerky
Snact Fruit Jerky

Thanks to The Bloggers Hangout for hosting a fantastic event. Here are the other brands that featured at the tea party:

Bio-Tiful Dairy
Drink Me
Jake’s Boost
The Cocoa Den