Travel Blog: The Blue Domes of Santorini

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and Santorini is no different – it is genuinely one of the most beautiful, picturesqure and breath-taking place I have ever visited (whilst Capri was my favourite). Santorini looks exactly like the postcards or more fitting for today’s day and age, social media platforms like Instagram captures the magic of the ‘blue dome’ mountain.

Going somewhere like Santorini is not somewhere you spend a couple of hours walking around, take a few photos, grab and ice coffee and move on. Whilst it’s not the sort of place you can spend weeks on end, you still seem to spend an entire day investigating the hidden corners and alley ways of this hill top village. We visited Santorini as part of our cruise with Royal Princess cruises, and it happened to be our first port of the trip. The cruise ship ‘parks’ itself in the sea, a few miles off shore to the small village port of Fira. We later found out, Santorini is one of the most expensive ports to dock at, so to visit this area of Greece was truly amazing. 

What was so beautiful was the journey from the small town of Fira which is nestled on one side of the island, to Oia, where the famous blue dome churches are situated. What many don’t realise is you have to make a half hour journey to the other side to see these famous landmarks. The boat journey was remarkable and of course you leave on Mediterranean time – so a short journey from Fira becomes an excursion in itself. Once we arrived in Oia, we had to walk up the hill slightly, thinking this isn’t what we had pictured, but soon enough, we were standing on the edge of the cliff, facing the sea and surrounded by pure white stone buildings, blue picket fences and directly to our right, stood a number of churches, with their famous roof’s which can be seen for miles. The water beneath us at the beach was crystal clear – Santorini is actually known for its variety of beaches.

We spent hours walking around the cobbled streets, and I became completely obsessed with the iconic hot pink bougainvillea flower of the Mediterranean draping the houses and walkways as we walked past. There are gorgeous boutique shops on every corner, exhibiting the best of Greek culture, including paintings and hand crafted jewellery – the Mediterranean is famous for its blue opal stone.

Santorini was genuinely charming and romantic and there is so much to say about its hidden coves, but considering it’s one of the the world’s most beautiful spots, it’s time to let the photos do the talking. 

Much love x