Update Your Spring Skincare Routine With Balance Me

I am an avid fan of natural skincare products, free from nasty ingredients that damage your skin, block your pores and add unnecessary levels of oil, when all you’re doing is trying to remove it. I have used Balance Me before, a beautiful aromatherapy-inspired collection that is clinically proven to naturally activate your skin, and enhance your natural beauty, by using solutions that is specifically designed and orientated to focus on the results.

Balance Me was launched by two sisters, Rebecca and Claire Hopkins, who left behind their careers in L’Oreal to help bring natural skincare back into the lives of women just as busy as they are. What is so wonderful is Balance Me is a home-grown brand, born in the UK and their products appease the typical British customer, looking to up-keep their skincare regime.  

I have recently gone a little beauty skincare obsessed, collecting a number of facial creams, night masks and moisturisers in preparation for the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been into keeping my skin healthy and hydrated, but once my winter gear is locked away and we’re ready for the onset of spring/summer, there is no better time to prepare your skin for the heat. Balance Me gifted me with Rose Otto skincare range to trial. This range is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t recommend it enough – not only does it smell divine, but if you’re not into ‘rose’ scents, this collection is not too over powering and is a lot more subtle and kinder to your skin. So after a couple of weeks of regularly using their body cream, body wash and hand cream, this stunning range is now top of my skincare routine; for day and night. 

I have been using the Balance Me body wash in the shower most nights. What I found to be a commonality between all three products is the ability to soothe skin wherever possible, with naturally sourced ingredients. The beauty of this range is compliments a variety of skin types – from sensitive, dry, normal and mature skin. For each skin type, the product serves a varied purpose. The rose otto and the palma rosa essential oils help strengthen the skin, as well as the rose geranium helping to smooth the skin. Some people tend to like their skin to be bone dry and allow the moisturiser to dry and be absorbed into their skin. However, I like being ‘towel dry’, leaving some residue for the cream to settle in. I loved the body cream – it encourages healthy cell renewal, combined with aloe vera which always works wonders for anyone’s skin type. Not to mention – it smells beautiful; a really keeper when on holiday! 

And to finish it all off, I love carrying around the hand cream. What’s really nice, is you don’t need a lot as it goes a long way, and blends into your skin very easily, not leaving your hands feeling greasy, or oily in the slightest. I also really like applying it on my nails to keep them in tip top shape. The hand cream really is one of their best sellers and I can see why. The rose otto range will definitely be accompanying me on my summer travels when I am out and about on my very first cruise!