Wintry Candles For Your Home

There’s no better feeling than feeling all warm and snug during the winter season. From cashmere to oversized scarves, sometimes that added wintry feeling can be found with a heavenly scented candle! For anyone who is as much of a candle lover as I am, will understand the hypnotic and mesmerising aura a candle can provide. No matter the scent, no matter your mood, the most luxurious of candles can put that much-needed smile on your face. 

With Christmas been and gone, winter has really only just begun according to the seasonal calendar, so let’s be honest, it’s time we rounded up some of the best scents from the nation’s favourite; Yankee Candle. Their candles just scream coziness and opulence and warmth, with a long-lasting scent that manages to seep into every room of your home, with that morning after linger. 

Snowflake cookie is the perfect wintry edition to your candle collection and will last all throughout the festive season. Yankee Candles are such a great gift for others and for decorating your own room or living room. Snowflake cookie has a beautiful sweet scent, that is not too overpowering, with the top layer containing marshmallow and whipped vanilla icing. The more you burn, you uncover the warm cinnamon and nutmeg and the sweet buttercream and sugar cookie. All flavours combined are delicious and will truly keep the festive season lingering for as long as possible!   

Salted Caramel is next on my must-have list of candle scents! Who doesn’t love salted caramel after all – whether it is in your smooth and buttery cheesecake or scented hand cream, salted caramel is truly for everyone. The sweet and the salt balance each other perfectly, without smelling too sickly in your home, when burning for hours on end. 

Sea Salt and Sage may not sound like a wintry candle of choice, but I have been lighting this beauty when I am looking for a softer scent that isn’t too obvious. With a top layer of sea salt and bergamot, followed by sea lavender and blue sage, there is a unique layering of ingredients that really does create a fresh and wintry aura to your home. 

All candles can be found and purchased via the Yankee Candle website. 

Happy shopping!